Scott S. from Colorado: "We have work trucks with steel 10 gauge doors with steel pin type barrel hinges that have squeaked, no I mean SCREAMED for years. Some of the less used doors were so seized up they had to be pried open with a bar. We sprayed the hinge, not even trying to get it in the crack of the hinge, but just the outside of the hinge. It stopped screaming within two swings of the door. We have tried other lubes and nothing worked. We used it on the doors that need to be opened with a pry bar and within ten minutes it not only opened but didn't scream at all. We stood there with mouths agape. I went to the Home Depot and got three cans of the UltraLube Penetrant oil. Thanks to you for the great product."

A.K. from California: "This stuff rocks! I used to BATHE the leaf-spring shackles of my truck in white lithium grease and sometimes WD-40, only to have them start squeaking again a few days later. With ONE treatment of your multi-purpose aerosol spray, the squeaking ceased...indefinitely (hasn't squeaked since!) really? First time? ... come on guys, this product is crazy good. Just another testament to the superiority of nature based products!"