Long-lasting and virtually odor-free, UltraLube® products are the smarter choice when it comes to both performance and safety - whether used in an industrial setting or a family home.

UltraLube® greases, oils and spray lubricants are made from renewable, plant-based stock grown in the U.S.A., making them safer for use and better for the environment when compared to petroleum-based products. 
Eco-safe advantages of UltraLube®:
  • Base oil derived from vegetables, not petroleum
  • Safer around the workplace, home, family and pets
  • No harsh smell
  • Non-toxic
  • No zinc or chlorine
Bio based lubricant for industrial lubricant applications
Eco-friendly advantages of UltraLube®:
  • Renewable resource
  • Byproducts returned to food chain
  • Biodegradable lubricant
  • Reduces dependency on foreign oil
  • Neutral in water, so it won't pollute rivers, streams, etc.
  • Replaces and mixes readily with petroleum-based products
Bike chain lubricant that’s safe for your family
USDA Biopreferred Designation means UltraLube® bio-based lubricants:
  • Can help federal agencies and contractors meet green procurement mandates 
  • Are proven to be composed of biological products, forestry materials or renewable domestic agricultural materials
  • Are part of a program that aims to increase the use of renewable, biobased and environmentally friendly products
Bio lubricants that work better than petroleum base lubricants