4x More Lubrication

UltraLube professional grade greases, oils and multi-purpose spray offer proven superior performance. See how UltraLube delivers 4x greater lubricity. Find out more.



Professional-grade, bio-based greases. Naturally higher viscosity reduces friction, heat and wear. Prevents rust and corrosion for metal-to-metal contact areas. See the Full Line.


Outperforms petroleum-based products with four times more lubricity and ability to reduce friction. Works well for metal-to-metal, plastics and non-metallic surfaces. See the Full Line.


Safe for environmentally sensitive areas. Bio-based oil provides more lubrication than petroleum-based oils. Contains no VOCs, non-flammable, and high flash point.See the Full Line.


NSF approved for use in food processing machinery. Excellent for lubrication of bearings, gears, chains and machine slides. EP additives protect under heavy shock loads. See the Full Line.


Professional-grade oils provide more lubrication and added reliability in harsh environments including temperature, pressure and wear. Safe for metal-to-metal contact.See the Full Line.


  • For professional use on shackles, winches, motor lifts to bearings, gears and other machinery components
  • Specially formulated lubricants, penetrants, greases, oils, and rust inhibitors for industrial applications
  • Industrial lubricants are proven to perform better, and are safer for workers
  • Can help meet compliance regulations

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  • Great for a wide array of small and large plant and farm machinery
  • Greases, oils and multi-purpose spray to reduce wear and prevent corrosion of agricultural machinery
  • Universal tractor grease and hydraulic fluid for gear boxes, wet brakes and hydraulic systems
  • Products not only perform better, but are also safer for you, your livestock, and your crops

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  • Rugged vehicle lubricant that’s safe for metal-to-metal applications on cars, trucks, and shop equipment
  • Greases, oils and multi-purpose spray for all your automotive and truck needs, including chassis, wheel bearings, universal joints, and suspension systems
  • Helps stop rust and corrosion and reduces friction between moving parts

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  • Countless lubrication uses for the home, garage, and outdoor home use
  • Applications range from DIY projects, door hinges, locks, door tracks, to garage doors, drive chains, fans, and lawnmowers
  • Greases, oils and multi-purpose sprays offer four times more lubrication, reduces friction, and are safe for you, your family, your pets, and the environment

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  • Can be used for lubrication in any climate for a variety of activities from boating to recreational sports to protect from moisture and rust
  • Greases, oils and multi-purpose spray for applications, including ATVs, cycling, boating equipment, snowmobiles, rifles, pool gear, pulleys, and winches
  • Eco-friendly products are safe for outdoor use, and the environment

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Scott S. from Colorado..."We have work trucks with steel 10 gauge doors with steel pin type barrel hinges that have squeaked, no I mean SCREAMED for years. Some of the less used doors were so seized up they had to be pried open with a bar..." Read more


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